Hey dealers, today we have great news for you. You can now check certain ESNs from other carriers with Ideal Mobile and activate the following devices with us. This means that even if the phone is from T-Mobile, Verizon, or At&t it can still work on our Sprint prepaid network. We are the only prepaid company allowing these devices to hop on over. We already have hundreds of these phones working on our network, including some devices that were blacklisted with their respective carriers.

So how do you check eligibility?

In your dealer portal you will use the same field you have been using to check Sprint ESNs in the past. You will see a small check box that you will need to press if you know that the device is from a non-Sprint carrier.


Which devices can hop on over?

As you already know, we can take any Sprint device and have it work on our network. After this new update we rolled out, here are the foreign devices you can bring over to the Ideal Mobile network.

you can bring tmobile, att, and verizon phones to sprint network

These are the foreign devices that work on our Sprint prepaid carrier, Ideal Mobile