A few weeks ago this question did not have a good answer as it was practically impossible to provide service to a blacklisted device. Well the answer to this question has changed. The new and easiest answer you will find is the following: Bring your phone to Ideal Mobile, even if it is blacklisted on T-Mobile!

Many customers have faced issues when they purchase a used iPhone 6 or 6+ online only to find out that their iPhone has been blacklisted. With Ideal Mobile, these customers will have the ability to place these blocked phones or “Bad ESN” T-Mobile devices on the Sprint network!

These great news is due to some new changes Ideal Mobile (a carrier using the Sprint network) has made to their network with the help of Sprint. There are limitations for now as only newer devices on the market are eligible to hop on Ideal Mobile (yes, even if they are blacklisted); but this is a great start to a great future where you will be able to bring any newer model T-Mobile devices (yes, even the blacklisted ones) to our Sprint prepaid carrier. The only thing you will need for your T-Mobile phone to work on our Sprint network is a Sprint SIM card which you can get for FREE by calling our customer support line (855-269-5145).

Below we have listed the T-Mobile devices that you can activate with us. More T-Mobile devices will be available for activation on our Sprint powered network in the near future.

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 3

T-Mobile devices are not the only ones that can now hop to our Sprint prepaid network; check out what you can do with your blacklisted Verizon phones and blacklisted ATT phones. Some Verizon and ATT devices can also be activated on Ideal Mobile!

If you want to check your T-Mobile ESN for eligibility, just click below or call Ideal Mobile for some awesome support!

Check Your ESN