You have reached the perfect answer to your question “Where can I activate my blacklisted AT&T phone?” The answer is simple, easy, and very cost effective: Activate your blacklisted iPhone 6 and 6+ from AT&T with Ideal Mobile, a prepaid carrier that uses the Sprint network to provide you service. This also applies if you have a blacklisted T-Mobile or Verizon phone!

Many customers used to check ESNs with us only to find out that the device they had purchased from a friend or online turned out to have a “Bad ESN” or had been labeled Lost or Stolen. These customers had no way of using these devices even after spending money on them. Now, you can bring these phones to Ideal Mobile and enjoy the national coverage on the Sprint Network.

Currently, only AT&T iPhone 6s and iPhone 6+s will be able to use our prepaid network, but as the months pass most newer models will be able to have the ability to jump on our network even if the device is blacklisted or has any financial standing with the original carrier. In order to activate your AT&T phone on our Sprint prepaid network all you will need is a Sprint SIM card for that device which we have them in stock and available FREE OF CHARGE to anyone that wants to activate their AT&T phone. Call us to get your FREE SIM and get your device working again in no time (855-269-5145).

Here are the AT&T mobile devices that you can activate with us at this moment. More AT&T devices will be eligible to be activated with Ideal Mobile in the future.

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6+
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 6

If you own a T-Mobile or Verizon phone, these same news apply to you! T-mobile and Verizon devices, even if they are blacklisted, can be activated on our Sprint prepaid carrier.
Check your AT&T ESN by clicking the following button or call us for great customer support!

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